Legal Services

The Virgin Islands Bar Association does not provide legal advice, nor does the Association provide legal representation. 
The following organizations may, in some instances offer free legal representation if the potential client meets the organization's guidelines. Please contact those organizations directly for eligibility information. 
The Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands 
The Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands (DRCVI) is the only territory-wide advocacy organization established by Congress that provides legal services to eligible persons with disabilities in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was created on October 1, 1977 and was then known as the Committee on Advocacy for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc., and later as Virgin Islands Advocacy, Inc. There are a total of 57 protection and advocacy organizations for each state and territory of the United States. 
Legal Services of the Virgin Islands 
The mission of Legal Services of the Virgin Islands, Inc. (LSVI) is to access justice, protect rights, and educate people in poverty in order to empower them to move toward self sufficiency. LSVI is the only entity in the United States Virgin Islands that provides effective, efficient, free, high quality legal assistance to the poor and under-served individuals in our community. It is one of the local programs throughout the United States and territories funded by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). LSC was established by Congress to ensure equal access to justice under the law for all Americans by providing civil legal assistance to those who otherwise would be unable to afford and utilize it. 
Office of the Territorial Public Defender 
The basis for the existence and work of the Office of the Territorial Public Defender is the landmark 1963 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Gideon v. Wainwright: Gideon seeks to guarantee a fair trial for every person, regardless of their economic means. We are responsible for defending individuals who face the loss of their liberty and are determined by the court to be indigent by financial criteria established by the local courts for court appointed counsel. The services of The Office of the Territorial Public Defender is available to all who meet this financial criteria who are charged with criminal offenses in Superior Court of the Virgin Islands and those who have, or wish to file, an appeal to the Virgin Islands Supreme Court. 
As a value to the community, and benefit to our attorney members, the Bar has an online membership directory system to assist the public in finding representation and retaining an attorney. You may access it here or by clicking "Find A Lawyer" on any page of this website.